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Her Story

Her Story

"Creativity is a sheer blessing of some supreme power. You can polish it but can not teach it."

The Everyday life ,ordinary people and their visages,

are inexhaustible source of inspiration for

Ambbali Dutta.

How much important the countenance of the people you come across in a ordinary day? well, it is  an enormous source of inspiration for Ambbali Dutta. The Everyday life ,ordinary people and their visages are inexhaustible source of inspiration for her each and every work.

As said by someone very aptly that "painting is skill but Art is inside" , Ambbali's works are the brightest example of this .She says " I am probably doodling since from the time  when i could barely manage to hold a pencil , when  I was not  even aware of what a painting can be .  AlthoughI have always been following  world  art history when I was in school.. I have found my first inspiration for impressionistic work from  Monet. To talk about Legendary Artists who inspire me most are Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. In Recent times I really follow the works of Alvaro Castagnet , Sergei Temerev and Rajkumar Sttabathy .I have dedicated  a huge part of my life  to learn everything about art. and I guess I will keep on enriching myself till the last breath of my life. It is like a sea ,the more you dive into the more depth you can experience.I believe nothing can teach us  as the real experiences do ..if you know how to grasp it . and creativity is a sheer blessing of some supreme power .. you can polish it but can not teach it ."
Ambbali was initiated to art at very young age but academically she is a post grad in English literature and MBA. She has been working with corporate firms before answering the call of her soul. She does not believe in regrets in life and hence has taken this decision to dedicate her life  to art, her passion . It takes lots of courage ,determination, and hard work  to switch from a well settled career to a very uncertain field . but  she thinks she is blessed.  She believes by her heart that there is a complete influence of  the supreme power   that is constantly guiding her  path,, enlightening her way and empowering her. "God has designed something for me . I feel there is a greater power that creates the situations and opportunities for me and I am just doing my work . Switching Job was  hard call for me  but My husband stood by me like a rock and always supported in every big and small ways.
You know when you work for something without even thinking the consequences , you want to do it because nothing else can give you that peace of mind .. that is called Passion  and I feel extremely blessed to able to take my passion as my career . I feel blessed that people accepted & appreciated my works . Their love motivates me to do better everyday . WhenI look back everything looks like a Magic"
Different places and people ,their culture their way of living  are the source of her subjects .Her Approach  for portraits or landscape or cityscape are impressionistic and she loves to play with light ." I love the light and drama . it adds life to the work ." Her forte is Watercolour and Acrylic on Canvas . In her words " I love the transparency and the unpredictability of the watercolour .Watercolour has its own mind and with time you will understand it better... its more of like marriage ."  Most of her compositional works are in Acrylic and done with palette knife . .
The larger than life and story telling through her rhythmic brush strokes make her work unique . In brief span of time she has been part of several national and international shows through galleries and groups . She also shares her experience and skills through her workshops and live art illustrations in her studio and as well as with galleries. Her works got appreciated by many leading newspapers and magazines.
In her words" you must not be overwhelmed by the appreciation of people . There is always a scope of enhancing your abilities.You will evolve if you can find that 'thing'. In the same way never be disheartened with failures or critics. you must be consistent and perseverant . For me every single painting I do ,either for illustration or for gallery display ,it is a always a learning process for me. I am constantly learning and will learn till the end of life because there are "miles to go before I sleep".

Selected Group Show :

Indian Art festival ,Delhi | Dilkash  International Art Exhibition at Artizen Art Gallery ,Delhi | Nehru centre , Indian Embassy ,London | Art symphony by Zervas Art Gallery2017, Italy, | HSSF, Gurgaon |
Lexicont Art, Gurgaon |Indian Art Festival 2016 | Punjab Art Council , Chandigarh |
Aifac with International Watercolor Society | Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi | Jaipur Alakendra , Jaipur |
Bharat Kalakendra, Pune | Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi | Uchaan Art Gallery
Solo Show:
India Infinitē, Hyatt Regency,  Manesar , Gurgaon 2017 |   Colors of Expressrion, Hotel Hindustan , Kolkata 2016
Selected Recent  Live Illustrations with Galleries:
Artizen Art Gallery Delhi 2017 | Ambience Mall , Gurgaon 2016|Lexicon Art by Delhi Press 2016| Uchaan Art Gallery ,Gurgaon 2016| Uchaan Art gallery, Gurgaon 2015  and many more .
Attended Various Art camps and workshops organised by Corporate houses and Art galleries
Her works are in many private collections and Hotels .
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